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Hi, I'm Ash. I draw animal peoples and make sarcastic commentary. You can check out my work under the tag My Art if you so wish too. This blog is full of stupid shit, I don't know why your here. There is mostly foxes, video games, cartoons, & furry stuff here... there is music sprinkled in randomly as well. Use the tags to as not to be lost.... or don't... i don't care.....

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Stick-Gods ~ Feeding Habits

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Mighty Gunvolt releasing for free in the U.S. ⊟

Inti Creates just announced that it’s releasing Mighty Gunvolt — the 8-bit-style crossover for Mighty No. 9, Gunvolt, and, um, Gal*Gun — will release to the 3DS eShop in the States. The 5-stage game will be available as a free download to anyone who purchases Gunvolt before November 28.

Don’t forget, Gunvolt releases to the U.S. eShop on August 29 for $15.

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Fun idea for next weekend


1. Wait till around 3 am
2. Get drunk
3. Turn off everything the house
4. Play five nights at freddy’s

did this last night, made the game creepier and more streesful…

10/10 would give myself a heart attack again



A young deer forced to be an adventurer at a young age due to his parents death.

Doodle before bed.

i love him

the hell is that little box dude….

the hell is that little box dude….


Made a digital painting of the deer boy I doodled last night.
Tried to make him look video game ish as possible with the way I draw.

Didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, hopefully i can do better in the next picture.

Sketch done in Pain Tool Sai
Rendered using Photoshop

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